Scouts and Guides & NCC/ NSS

The Vidyalaya had always been encouraging mass participation of children in Scouts Guides under guidance of well experienced and perfect teachers. The aim of these Scout and Guides is to build character, Health and Fitness, Creativity and Helpful an Co-operative ness. Multiple activities were taken up to achieve these targets. Their motto . 'Be Prepared'. Thus they are ultimately inspired and prepared to become good citizens a the country.

IIIrd Sopaan

Date :                                 Place                                      No. of Participants

01/10/2013 to 04/10/2013             K.V. No. 1 Indore                               8


Tritiyan Sopan Testing Camp
7th Nov-10th Nov’ 09
No.of Participants :- 06

Name                                            Class                              Place  

1) Tushar Gote                                   VIII A                        K.V.No.1 Gwalior

2) Minal RBurchunde                             VIII B                         K.V.No.1 Gwalior

3) Pratik P.Wake                                 VIII A                         K.V.No.1 Gwalior

4) Rishabh K.Bhasakhetre                        VIII A                          K.V.No.1 Gwalior

5) Pranav S.Pathak                              VIII B                         K.V.No.1 Gwalior

6) Faizan Sheikh                                VIII A                         K.V.No.1 Gwalior